i remember the first time i saw her..i was so curious that time because she looks like a japanese..i’m observing her until a little vendor girl came to her..she turned her head from left to right to look for someone who can ask for..hahahaha..i will never forget that time..i have no idea that we’re going to fall to each other that fast..aaaa..but it doesn’t matter..the important is we love each other..iloveyou charmant..your the most important person in my life..

I thought i could not love again..Because many times I’ve been hurted by the person that i loved the most..i feel no pain..i feel numb..i just want to wake up in the morning because i need to,not because i love myself.i feel like im a servant in a palace that has no freedom.until she came into my life..(sigh)she gave me a new life and make me feel that i have the right to be loved ., im very glad that i met you..your the most beautiful thing that god gave me..