too many questions in me.
what if you changed your mind?
what if you found someone?
what if you don’t love me anymore?
what if your not missing me anymore?
what if you don’t see your future with me anymore.?
what if you just love me because i’m just only one who’s here?
what if someday your going to message me and tell me to stop bothering you?
i really don’t know what will i do if that happens..
i’m so scared,i’m so afraid i might lose you..
what do i have to do???

i’m still hoping that this is gonna work..
i’m going to wait for you.
but if you don’t love me anymore just tell me..
i’m not gonna give up on you unless your the one who’s not gonna hold on.
you said everything’s gonna be alright,but i guess your giving up already.


from the first time i saw you,you look like masungit..but when i started to talk with you,your sweet..that’s the day that i prove it to myself that “don’t judge the book by it’s’s are past,weeks and i fell in love with you..i don’t know why but it happens..from the start i didn’t say anything to you but i’m starting to make you feel that your the girl that i’m talking about..haha it was crazy because i thought your gonna feel it but you just get excited to meet her..

and you set me up..i’m asking for your advice and you said”go ask her,what if she likes you too..

at last..i told all of my feelings to that extraordinary girl and that was you..and damn..your not shock because you already know that’s you..hahaha

until i became your boyfriend at may 5th..that day was so fast..i don’t know how will i act.that day..

everything is going easy for us,until everything’s changed..and its because of me..i lied to you too many times..i hurt ed you..i made you cry..

now your leaving..are you going to leave all of our memories too?

are coming back here?can i ask you one last question before you leave?